IES Järfälla's Story

Internationella Engelska Skolan Järfälla was founded in Autumn 2002 in premises that previously belonged to Nibbleskolan. Ours is the second oldest school in the IES company, and there are at present ca 30 schools from Umeå in the north to Lund in the south.  When the autumn term opens in 2016, there will be just over 10 schools in the Greater Stockholm Region, including one senior high school.

From the start of the school we have had students in grades 6- 9 and at present we have 17 classes with a total of 520 students. But since 2018 we have had students from grade 5, we have 18 classes and 560 students. Our goal has always been to create a safe, bilingual  environment with high academic expectations. We believe in our students and our goal is to see them good academic results during their time here. 40-50% of the teaching takes place in English by teachers who have English as their mother tongue.

We are a private school and anyone can place their child in the queue. A place in the school is based on a student’s place in the queue as well as on having siblings already going to our school. At present, we have long queues for all year groups. We follow the Swedish school law and curriculum. There are no school fees.

During their years with us, students will have the opportunity to experience many memorable events, like trips outside Sweden, presentations from both outside and inside speakers, trips in Järfälla and Stockholm to museums, parks, the parliament and beaches. We also have a very active PTA  which helps us by raising money and organising various events, as well as donating money to our final graduation ceremony. All of this is part of the IESJ package.