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September/ October Newsletter

September/ October Newsletter

Dear All, 

One of the benefits of being the principal of this school is that I can walk into any classroom at any time to see what our students are working on, and know for a fact that I will be able to walk into a calm lesson with the teacher leading the activities.

During September I did just that, and watched Dr Ramos behind a screen in the Science lab demonstrate the reaction when you mix phosphorus with water. - “Put in a bigger piece, Dr Ramos!” was the Year 8 reaction. 

I saw Year 5 engaged in learning their times tables - “At first I thought it was hard to learn maths in English, but now I understand!” Students were working on a range of different activities. Across the corridor, Year 6 was working quietly on fractions. 

Year 9 were writing descriptive texts in English about their favourite pizzas (kebab pizza seemed to be most popular) and when asked, I told them mine was one I can only get in South African: bacon, feta cheese and avocado. 

Year 7 was preparing to write a text in English by making posters on conjunctions, adjectives, and nouns which they were going to show the class. Another year 7 was revising their numbers in Spanish by playing Bingo.

Höstlunken was a success, as always, and our Fun Fridays provide a bit of relief in the middle of this, the longest stretch of the academic year. PE lessons are still outdoors. Our nurses and counsellor offer walks at lunch most days. Staff have been running football and jogging clubs - everything to keep students outdoor and active! 

Sweden may slowly be opening up, but we in IES Järfälla are still cautious - our students are not vaccinated, we try not to mix classes, and many meetings this term will continue digitally.  We will keep you updated as we receive instructions from our huvudman, IES. 

Best wishes for a sunny and healthy Autumn 2021! 

Mrs Keay

Principal IES Järfälla

FunD Raising

FunD Raising

Friday's FunD Raising will be donated to Human Rights Watch - for Afghanistan. See link below. 

The theme for this Friday is in line with our celebrating diversity theme, "Wear Your Colours - team, club, national, personal." Sweet treats will be sold in the cafeteria. 

Parents who wish to donate can send to our "Stronger Together" account by Swishing: 1233326378 and writing Afghanistan or HRW

Welcome to IESJ 21/22!

Welcome to all our guardians

We will also meet you digitally at the Parents Evening, September 8th at 6pm. More details to come. 

Below you can find an introduction via YouTube on how you use SchoolSoft as a guardian:

(Note that the film is in Swedisch)




Summer and school start in August

Summer and school start in August

IESJ wish you all a nice summer vacation.

We hope you get both sunny and lazy days, get to meet friends and love ones so you come back with new energy in August.

School starts on Wednesday 18th August, year 5 at 9.00, year 6 at 9.30 and year 7-9 at 10.00 o'clock.

We also take the opportunity to post some pictures of year 9 artwork.

We are looking forward to see you all in August.