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From the Principal

A creative autumn term at IESJ

I was recently asked to summarise the autumn term in only one word and the word that came to me was "creative". 

Our main focus has been the same as every year:

- to provide a calm and safe environment where teachers teach and students learn.

- to set high academic standards and make sure every student reach their full potential with the support of our excellent staff. 

- to give our students a command of the English language, the key to the world.

This term we have had the opportunity to work on these with support from our AST's (förstelärare), HoD's and HoY's to develop our teaching even further.  We have through reading up on the latest research on education tried new ways to enhance learning to be able to reach every student at their level. 

Our dedicated teachers and staff have with energy and determination taken on the task of developing their already brilliant teaching even more with the help of for example active learning and active lessons.


Our students all benefit from their creativity.


Now that we come to the end of the term I wish you all a relaxing break with the chance to read at least one good book and I welcome you all back again on the 9th of January 2019.


I wish you all a nice holiday, 

Mrs Viljosson 

Mustaschkampen 2018 at IESJ

IESJ supported the campaign to rainse money to battle prostatic canser and through donations and the selling of fake moustaches we managed to raise over 2000SEK.

Thank you all, 

/IESJ Team


UN Day

UN day was, as IESJ tradition has it, celebrated with an assembly in the Aula.

Students toghether with our guest artist Pärla helped raise 3500 sek for the charity Lions Club in Uganda.

A big thank you to all who contributed.

/IESJ SO department


Parent's café on "In the mind of a teenager"

Earlier this autumn we invited Anna Tebelius Bodin back to our Parental Café.

She talked about the teenage brain and what we, the adults around teenagers wether we are parents or teachers, need to know about it.

A very inspireing lecture for us all and if you missed it this time we hope to invite her back to IESJ again next year.  

/IESJ  Student Care Team


At IESJ we celebrate our wonderful teachers

Happy Teacher's Day to all our wonderful teachers.

You all work so hard to support, engage and challenge our students to reach even further then they ever hought possible.

We salute you!
/IESJ Team