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April Newsletter

April Newsletter

Happy Easter! 

Dear All,

Thank you to the parents who showed up last week at our “Parent fika”. What a nice evening we had together. As we said, finally we can meet face to face again. Also, hope you had useful conversations at the SPT conferences. Subject teacher bookings will take place Wednesday night April 20nd. Please, take the time to meet specific teachers online, to talk about your child’s progress and grade level. In case you were not able to book a time, please email the teacher your questions. 

The time between Sportlov and Påsklov has really flown. March is as always filled with National tests for Y6 and Y9, but we have also had some fun. We have had Fun Friday with waffles, Pi Day with pies and pie throwing, Pizza night for Y9, toasts in the cafeteria and other new stuff to eat, Kahoot games and other competitions. It has been a happy feeling overall in school. 

We have had four students in Y7 and Y8 attending a course “Elevskyddsombudsutbildning”. They learned a lot and became even more engaged after that. It is great to have ambitious students who want to collaborate with the staff in a constructive way and make the school even better for our students.

As in the letter on SchoolSoft, the situation in Ukraine and then also the tragic situation in Malmö have made the staff more aware of having eyes and ears open for students that are in need of counselling or other kind of support. We are listening a lot to the students and discuss with them in appropriate ways on each student’s level. Please, tell us if your child needs even more support from school. We are proud of the fundraising for UNHCR-Ukraine, where we raised more than 7000 SEK. Stronger Together!

Åland trips are coming up again! Y7 is going in May and Y9 in August. Staff and students are looking forward to it. Also, it seems like this Y9 will get a prom and Graduation IRL. How nice isn’t that? Our wonderful PTA is helping out and has started to plan together with Management how we could make this a fantastic ending at IESJ. As you see in the picture, PTA was here this morning handing out Waster eggs for our students. Thank you so much, much appreciated! 

We wish you all a Happy Easter! 

/IESJ Management, April -22


News letter


Dear Guardians,

Before we knew it, January and February were behind us and it was time for Sportlov! 2022 so far has meant we at last saw the end of Covid 19 restrictions in school . We as a school are now slowly but surely returning to events like outings, having guest speakers in school, organizing clubs and much more. Sadly, without much time to recover from an international health risk, the world has shifted its attention to another risk, of a military kind. 

Looking back on the past two months, we are happy to mention a few things:  our Fun Fridays are alive and kicking - so far we have had Valentine’s theme February 14th which raised over 5 000 kr for homeless people in Stockholm. Thank you to all who supported this! We have also had our Aesthetic day on Feb 22 - a busy and fun day in which students created all sorts of fantastic things, from street art to animated movies. 

IES Järfälla have done well in the Language competition that we are part of - we qualified for the region finals in Swedish and English. Well done by our students!

The first round of several national tests in the spring term were held for grade 6 in Swedish on the 8th and 10th of February. During two intense days, our students worked hard to show us their writing skills and Swedish understanding. We are continuously reminding our students that the national tests are not the only important test in the year, and that they should not be too worried about these tests. Please help us spread the word to your kids!

We as a school continue to encourage student influence. As always the student parliament/student council is an important forum for our students as well as for us in staff. We have run monthly student food councils, and student council meetings, where students have a clearer chance to make a difference in matters regarding the school food. In March we have four  Student Council representative taking a Elevskyddsombudsutbildning (Student safety representative course) for half a day. 

In the pipeline: 

Winter sports day, March 11th.

Pi Day March 14th.

St Patrick’s Day March 17th - We will all be wearing green clothes.

Parent fika on the 30th of March between 16.00 - 18.00 in school. This time is an opportunity for parents of students in year 5, 6 and 7  to come in and fika, interact with school management, and see the school building. (We were unable to have visitors in the building for the last 2 years, and many parents have neither seen the inside of the building, nor met management.) 

Next National test is Swedish year 9, on the 22nd and 24th of March.

Best wishes you to all!

/ The Staff and Management of IES Järfälla


Admission academic year 22/23

Information about admission process for next academic school year.

The first admission packages were sent out after our school’s information evening in November 2021.

The admission package has a date for last responding and school contact those who did not respond once more and inform them that next child in line will be offered the place instead.

Children who have been offered a place have been in line since January 2013 for year 5 and December 2013 for year 6.

Best Wishes for a Healthy and Happy Holiday!

Best Wishes for a Healthy and Happy Holiday!

Dear Guardians,

And so we come to the end of 2021! The term didn’t end in the way we had hoped, but we did make it through the term without too much interference from Covid-19. Lessons continued to the same high standard, mentors have been incredibly engaged and supportive, as have Student Care and the Special Education Department. IGCSE exams were written in English and maths, as well as in French via the DELF program, and some of our 9th graders took part in the Science Olympiad. 

The school has been a hive of activity - Master Chef continued as always, as did Höstlunken, students went on prao, sports and music clubs have been well-attended, Junior Club has been on outings, creative artwork has gone up on the walls, posters were designed for the Anti-Bullying competition. We celebrated Childrens’ book week, cinnamon bun day and our Fun Fridays have been well-supported. Thank you for your support! Year 7 had a Christmas tree decorating competition and are currently selling cookies and candy to finance their trip to Åland in May. And at the end of tem, Year 5 treated us to a mobile (Covid safe) Lucia Concert as they walked around singing seasonal songs on Dec 13th and we ended the term with a digital version of House Day Competitions! It is all happening! 

We were even able to have some outside visitors this term: Year 5 had a visit from fältarbetarna to do DUVA and from the author Joseph Davis, Year 6 had a visit from Järfälla Kommun on “De spännande tonåren”, Years 8 and 9 met John Tessitore who talked about mental health. 

Thank you for the cooperation and communication we have had during this last term. We are all finding new digital ways to get things done, though we do miss seeing parents in the building, and hope that 2022 will bring with it health and opportunities for more contact. As always, mail us, if you wish to get hold of us, and we will call you.

The spring term VT 22 is due to start on January 11th. There are currently no plans to change this. Should the situation change by then, we will contact you via SchoolSoft, as always.


Best wishes for a healthy and happy holiday season to all!

/ The Staff and Management of IES Järfälla