August 2015 Newsletter

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From the Principal


On Monday we welcomed about 520 students in years 6-9 to our school. For year 6, and for a few older students, everything is new and we are doing all we can to ensure that everyone feels welcome here. During the first days, students received a great deal of information and were also given opportunities to get to know their new class mates.

We have many things to look forward to this autumn: Höstlunken, UN Day, work experience for both grade 8 and 9 as well as oral national tests during the autumn in Swedish, English and math for grade 6 and 9, something that Skolverket has decided and which affects all schools.

We have also introduced and welcomed some new staff members to our school. If you come to parents evening on September 3rd (6-8 pm), which of course I hope you do, you will also have the chance to meet our new (and old) staff members.

As you are probably aware from all that has been said in the media, it is now very difficult to find  qualified teachers, but we are doing our utmost to fill all positions and to offer further training to staff who already work here. Our school has very few teachers who are not fully qualified.

I look forward to a continued cooperation with both students and parents and hope that the year ahead will be a great one.

Nils Rutqvist
IES Järfälla