January newsletter 2021

January newsletter 2021

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We hope you have all had a relaxing, healthy break with your families at the end of a very different year. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding, when plans, staffing and schedules changed suddenly during 2020. It seems that 2021 will probably be a year in which we will all have to continue being flexible, patient and creative, both in teaching and organisation… as Robert Burns once wrote: “The best laid plans of mice and men, often go awry...”. 

Food, fun, meet and greet: We ended 2020 as we always do, giving our students the opportunity to evaluate the term through anonymous surveys. We were very happy to see that over 89% of our students think the school food has improved! About 77% of students enjoy our “Stronger Together” fundraising days, the younger students being particularly positive about them. And more students noticed we were out “Meeting and Greeting” this term - including Year 5 who weren’t here last year!

Students reporting “kränkning” on social media: We started the term asking you to be more involved in what your children are doing online, and this is clearly having a positive effect. Students are realising that insulting others online affects how others see them, and that those words can be traced back to them.  We were happy to see a significant drop in the number of students reporting being “kränkt” online.  As was the case last term, insulting others online was more common in Years 6 and 7. 

Your children might not tell you this, or show it every day, but you are the most significant people in their lives. We know that praise, encouragement, interest in their work and social situation (from  adults in school and at home) build their confidence. Setting boundaries and consistency helps create security and shows we all care. We do miss meeting parents and guardians in real life, we have always had great cooperation with you, but we will continue to do our best through technical channels in the next few months. As always,  do not hesitate to contact us if there is anything you wonder, or something we need to know. 

See you soon at our virtual Parents Evening on February 17th.

Kind Regards,

Management IESJ