Oktober 2014 Newsletter

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From the Principal


Yet another month has gone by, and now it’s the Autumn holiday. I hope the students will enjoy this welcome break from their studies.

A whole range of events have taken place since the last update: development talks, money-raising activities for the trip to Poland, Parents’ Cafe evening, United Nations Day, the International Dinner, the Viksjö dance, a school disco and a lot more. A big Thank-you to all who have taken part and helped with these activities. It’s when you start counting up all the things going on, that you realise how much is happening at our school; on top of the usual classes.

After the holiday, there’s just six weeks left of this term. We’ll continue with classes, plus other happenings, such as PRAO for Year 9. During the remainder of the term, I’ll be out and about more in the corridors & in your classrooms during lessons to see and experience what’s going on. During the last few days of term we will have Choice Days; and the last day of term, with the end-of-term show of course, will be on 18 Dec. Many of us will be hoping for a white Christmas, where we can take it easy; whilst others will be hoping for lots of Christmas presents - some hard & some soft.

Nils Rutqvist