The start of the academic year 18/19

From the Principal

Welcome to the academic year of 18/19 at IESJ.

We are happy to welcome old and new students to the academic year of 18/19. 

Most of what will happen during this year is familiar to you all. Our main priority is the same as every year:

- to provide a calm and safe environment where teachers teach and students learn.

- to set high academic standards and make sure every student reach their full potential with the support of our excellent staff. 

- to give our students a command of the English language, the key to the world.


Some things will be new to you all, and that's also how it should be. We strive to constantly evolve and get even better by listening to the feedback we get from students, staff and guardians. From last years anonymous feedback we know that:

- we deliver on our promise of a calm and safe school.

- lessons start on time.

- we expect peace and quiet.

- our school is garbage and graffiti free.

We will continue to work improving the school playground and a new parcour park will be in place this fall. 

One of the bigger changes for this term is brought on by Skolverket and the change they have made to the curriculum regarding IT and programming. At our school we started working with adding programming, IT and source criticism already last year and we are all set to meet the new requirements.

PRAO, vocational training, is also a big change this year brought on by Skolverket where they have made 10 days of PRAO in years 8 and 9 mandatory for all schools. Here at IESJ we have always had 10 days of PRAO and therefore will not really feel the effect of this new legislation.

All in all we are in for an exciting academic year and we are looking forward to all that it has to offer.


/Mrs Viljosson, Principal