Welcome to spring term / vt-18

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From the Principal

Spring term 

Welcome to a new term at IESJ. 

During the Christmas break we had some construction work done to our school with a rebuild of the assistant principals office and an addition of a second School Nurse's room. 

Our permanent school nurse Mrs Karademir is back from her maternity leave and Mrs Osmanova is staying with us for the spring term which is a great addition to our student care team for the term.


In the Spring term we at IESJ have much to look forward to like our Winter Sports day, our Spirit day, our trips to Åland (yr 6) and Poland (yr 9) to name but a few. 

Spring term also means National Tests and as we head into the test season I would like to take the opportunity to remind all our students of the support lessons that we have in each subject every week. Do take the opportunity to visit support and get help from your teachers to make sure you reach your full potential. 


Welcome back, 

/Mrs Viljosson, Principal