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November is here, time flies when you are having fun! Halloween disco, Book Swap, House Rowing and a visit to Tekniska muséet are just a few events of everything that has happened the last weeks. On top of that, our students in Year 5 and 6 have sent in 59 christmas gifts to "Aktion Julklappen which means 59 poor children in Eastern Europe will be happy. Here are some pictures from week 46 “Children’s Book Week” that we celebrated in school.


IESJ October 2019

Beautiful Autumn is here, the trees around the school are turning gold and the air is crisp in the mornings when we stand outside to meet and greet the students! It has been great to have all our students back in the building after the long, warm summer and, as always, we notice our 9th graders have come back even more focused and ready to learn than they were in grade 8. Our new grade 5 and 6 now know their way around the building to their various classrooms and are familiar with our routines. They are also becoming more comfortable with speaking and being spoken to in English.

The start of the autumn term brings new classmates, new teachers, mentor days (to get to know your new class and mentor) school photographs (yes, you may go and fix your hair quickly), and Höstlunken, our annual 10km run (or stroll) on Järvafältet. Once again we had sunny weather, cheerful students, good results and hot dogs to round off the day. A big thanks to our PE dept and the staff who arrived early to set up the course and transport gallons of water and numerous folding tables down to the field! 

John and Fenix, Year 9 were the first boys to cross the line, Hannah, Year 7 was the first girl. Congratulations all! 

Year 5 started the year with a “Kick Off” at the start of September, which was well attended. Students and parents were able to go on a tipsrunda, shoot arrows at a target, guess the length of a piece of string, as well as meet other parents and staff. 

Our annual Inter - House competition has also kicked off and students have been able to compete in various quizzes and in fantasy football. Much more to come!

We are now 6 weeks into the term and students are receiving their first results from assessments, as well as feedback, and we are getting ready for our Student Parent Teacher conferences on 23rd and 24th of October. As well as meeting your child's mentor to discuss academic and social progress, you can make an appointment to talk to a subject teacher for 10 min on that day. Your child's mentor is always the first person to contact when there are concerns, or if you wish to pass on information to us.

Enjoy this lovely season with some long, fresh walks. 

We look forward to seeing you at the end of October. 

The Staff and Management of IESJärfälla

IESJ Graffiti Project VT 2019

IESJ Graffiti Project VT 2019

Students from IESJ were asked by graffiti artists from Streetcorner and Järfälla Kommun to design a mural for Järfälla’s new cultural house, Huset På Höjden. The mural is based on the theme, ‘Järfälla Past, Present and Future’. 

The project lasted three workshops in total - two workshops in school to design and prepare the mural and one on-site painting the mural. It is expected that the mural will stay there for 5 to 10 years.

Elever från IESJ blev tillfrågade av grafittikonstnärer från Streetcorner och Järfälla Kommun att designa en väggmålning vid Järfällas nya kulturhus, Huset På Höjden. Tema för väggmålningen var Järfälla dåtid, nutid och framtid.

Projektet pågick under tre workshops varav två på skolan med design och förberedelser inför väggmålningen och en på plats när själva målningen genomfördes. Planen är att väggmålningen kommer att finnas kvar för beskådan mellan fem till tio år.

Start of Term, Autumn 2019

Welcome back, looking forward to see you again.

School starts August 19th:

Year 5 at 9.00

Year 6 at 9.30

Year 7-9 at 10.00

Antagning/Admission 2019/2020

Antagningsprocessen till årskurs 5 och 6 för läsåret 2019/2020 är nu avslutad.

The admission process in grade 5 and 6 to the academic school year 2019/2020 is now completed.