Junior Club

Welcome to Junior Club!

At Junior Club you have the opportunity to play games, do craft with different types of material, play ping pong, watch Friday movies, make your own smoothies, bake or cook, go on excursions and much more together with your friends and the JC staff Mr Holmgren.

The students in Year 5 are welcome to the club every school day until 16:30, but we are closed on in-service days (studiedagar). Snacks are served daily at the Junior Club when the school day ends. On Tuesdays, we have access to the Home Economics room where the students can prepare their own snacks, for example in the form of pizzas, sandwiches or whatever is on the menu that day . Sometimes they also have the opportunity to bake simple things like scones or muffins.

We think it is important that Junior Club offers children the opportunity for development and learning, as well as meaningful leisure and recreation. Therefore we organize varied activities, excursions and cooperation exercises that the children appreciate. For many children, aged 10-12 this  is a fun time, but also a time when they look for identity, belonging and start to wonder about the future. We let the children practice cooperation and social skills to  strengthen their self-esteem, language skills and their ability to cope with the school's subject knowledge and life generally .

We are careful to let the children influence the purchases, activities and excursions we organize. This to show in a democratic way that all their opinions are valuable and welcomed by us. We make at least one excursion per month, and this school year’s excursions will include/have included:  JumpYard, the fire station, the bowling alley, the tennis hall, Lazerdome,  the swimming hall, the cinema, museums etc.

Are you, as a guardian, interested in enrolling your child?

This can be done throughout the year by sending an email to Mrs Bohlin: johanna.bohlin.jarfalla@engelska.se.

If you want to contact JC the phone number are 08-58430623