December newsletter 2020

December newsletter 2020

The term is soon gone and even though we have had another different term due to Covid, we are still Stronger Together. Every day we see and feel the warm atmosphere in and outside the building. 


The focus last month about the Equal Treatment / Likabehandling has been consent/samtycke. Really good dilemma discussions have taken place where the students have practised on seeing from different perspectives. Hopefully they have learned and been more comfortable at handling different situations.


A lot of baking has been going on in HKK lessons and Junior Club. MasterChef week was a success - our Y8 students were professional and made fantastic food. In November we fundraised for Movember and wore mustaches, and now in December we are having Crazy Christmas Sweater Fridays and House Day at the end of term. 


Thank you, students and parents, for answering the surveys that have gone out. The food has improved this term with the new company and the students also like it. We still miss the physical meetings with our parents. The mentors and staff are instead making contact home by phone calls, newsletters and GoogleMeets. 


A change of schedule has been made for week 51 which is communicated through SchoolSoft and emails to the guardians:

Y7-9 Distance teaching. See SchoolSoft for detailed information and schedule.

Y6: Normal lessons Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday: House Day. 

Y5: Normal lessons Monday. Tuesday is Mentor Day 8:15-13:15 and Wednesday is House Day. 

Thursday is a Home Study Day for everyone and then we take Christmas break. The grade envelopes will be mailed to you week 52. 


We all know that this Christmas holiday won’t be the same as usual and not looked forward to for some and therefore we want to remind you to contact the mentor or any member of the Student Care Team if you would like to talk or brief about anything. Together with the PTA will be facilitating the sharing of ideas of games, walks, films and recipes to try during this unusual winter holiday period. More information will be published on School Soft in week 51. 


Enjoy the holiday, stay healthy, read a lot of books and see you on January 11th. 

Kind regards,