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School start

The school starts again on August 18th

Y5 at 9.00

Y6 at 9.30

Y7-9 at 10.00

Do to Corona, all classlists and mentor classrooms will be published at the entrance outside the school.

Students will go directly up to their mentor classrooms by the nearest enterance.

The school will not be able to receive parents in the school, but you are welcome to leave and pick up your child outside the school.

The first day will last for 1 1/2 hour.

A warm welcome back to a new school year

Shool start information

Lovely summer holiday,

We will wish you all a lovely summer and welcome back in August.

School starts August 18th 

Year 5 at 9.00 o´clock

Year 6 at 9.30

Year 7-9 at 10.00

Enjoy some art work of our productive student, see below.



Thanks to all our students and guardians

We want to thank all students and guardians for the attitude and support you have shown during the last months. Our staff are coming to work every day doing their best to make every student feel happy and safe in our school while developing academically - as always. 

It is that time of year for us to receive feedback from staff,students and guardians on all aspects of the school. Please complete the Quality Survey on your “startsida” on School Soft. Your feedback, suggestions and ideas are much appreciated.

Below is some fantastic work created by our students this term. 

/Management team


Students woodwork year 9/ Elevarbeten i träslöjd årskurs 9

During year 9, our students choose whether they want to study wood- or textile craft and then they read it throughout the whole academic school year. It gives students the opportunity to get a deeper knowledge in the subject where they can plan, work, refine and develop their working methods during a longer time. See examples of work from last year’s student.

Under årskurs 9 väljer våra eleverna om de vill läsa trä- eller textilslöjd och läser det sedan hela läsåret. Det ger eleverna möjlighet att fördjupa sina kunnskaper i ämnet då de kan planera, arbeta, förfina och utveckla sina arbetsmetoder. Se bildexempel från förra årets elevarbeten.


March 2, 2020

Dear Guardians,


It feels like we skipped winter this year, we seem to have had one long extended autumn leading into an early spring. We hope some of you found some snow somewhere during sportlov.


Spring term is always broken up into 6-7 week blocks, giving us and the students a chance to recharge before the next intense stretch. The first national tests have been written by year 6, and in week 11, year 9 will sit Swedish. Tests have been written, work has been assessed and students are receiving feedback. In the midst of all this serious work we’ve taken time to have fun with Nutidsorientering, House Day Competitions, Valentine Day competition (year 5 won again!) and Winter Sports Day. 


Our Student council represented us well in an event in the kommun, and IESJ came second in Stockholm in Swedish in the Språkolympiad! Our older students did excellently in the IGCSE exams and did us proud. We have had klassråds on the theme of respect and how we speak to one another, and assemblies for year 7-9 on alcohol and drugs. Our younger students have learnt to “bråka smartare”. There is something happening all the time!


Hope that you had a relaxing break, and that your children, (our students)  are ready for this next stretch. 


Kind Regards,

The Management of IESJärfälla