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From the Principal

Rektorsbrev Oktober 2016

Hösten är en underbar tid som ger oss en värld av vackra färger att njuta av både ute i naturen och inne hos oss på skolan. Väggarna i skolan täcks allt mer av de arbeten som eleverrna gjort under året och det ger en positiv känsla av stolthet och delägarskap. Inför de stundande utvecklingssamtalen känns vårt pågående arbete med Growth Mindset extra viktigt. Ordet ännu (yet) har fått en allt viktigare betydelse för våra elever. Passa gärna på att fråga hemma vad det betyder för just de som du sitter runt matbordet med. För oss på skolan symboliserar det vägen fram. Vad man vill kunna, förstå eller bemästra men inte gjort, ännu. En möjlighet. 

För mig som ny rektor på skolan har dagarna varit fyllda av möten och upplevelser. Möten med engagerade och nyfikna elever. Möten med kunniga lärare och skolpersonal. Upplevelser som till exempel Höstlunken,  FN-dagen och IESJ Spirit day har alla varit mycket fina dagar och givande upplevelser.

Nu närmar vi oss ett välförtjänt lov där vi kan ladda batterierna och samla oss inför nästa etapp av terminen, den som ska ta oss ända fram till jul.

Med önskan om ett skönt höstlov, 

Sara Viljosson, Rektor

From the Principal

Welcome from the Principal

Dear all, 

It is a privilege to welcome you to Internationella Engelska Skolan i Järfälla, an outstanding school with outstanding teachers and students and a great learning environment.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Sara Viljosson and I am principal of IES Järfälla, I am passionate about teaching, learning and making sure every child reaches their full potential. As principal it is my responsibility to make sure every lesson meets our high standards and assure a calm learning environment for all students. Together with the highly qualified teachers and staff at the school we make this happen.

Our school is truly multi-cultural and staff come from all over the English speaking world as well as from Sweden.  

Through the support of our PTA and hardworking staff we have the opportunity to allow our students to go abroad and experience other cultures and learn from our rich history.

I look forward to meeting all of you at one of our information meetings or venues this academic year.

Yours sincerely.

Sara Viljosson


From the Principal

August 2015 Newsletter


On Monday we welcomed about 520 students in years 6-9 to our school. For year 6, and for a few older students, everything is new and we are doing all we can to ensure that everyone feels welcome here. During the first days, students received a great deal of information and were also given opportunities to get to know their new class mates.

We have many things to look forward to this autumn: Höstlunken, UN Day, work experience for both grade 8 and 9 as well as oral national tests during the autumn in Swedish, English and math for grade 6 and 9, something that Skolverket has decided and which affects all schools.

We have also introduced and welcomed some new staff members to our school. If you come to parents evening on September 3rd (6-8 pm), which of course I hope you do, you will also have the chance to meet our new (and old) staff members.

As you are probably aware from all that has been said in the media, it is now very difficult to find  qualified teachers, but we are doing our utmost to fill all positions and to offer further training to staff who already work here. Our school has very few teachers who are not fully qualified.

I look forward to a continued cooperation with both students and parents and hope that the year ahead will be a great one.

Nils Rutqvist
IES Järfälla

From the Principal

Oktober 2014 Newsletter


Yet another month has gone by, and now it’s the Autumn holiday. I hope the students will enjoy this welcome break from their studies.

A whole range of events have taken place since the last update: development talks, money-raising activities for the trip to Poland, Parents’ Cafe evening, United Nations Day, the International Dinner, the Viksjö dance, a school disco and a lot more. A big Thank-you to all who have taken part and helped with these activities. It’s when you start counting up all the things going on, that you realise how much is happening at our school; on top of the usual classes.

After the holiday, there’s just six weeks left of this term. We’ll continue with classes, plus other happenings, such as PRAO for Year 9. During the remainder of the term, I’ll be out and about more in the corridors & in your classrooms during lessons to see and experience what’s going on. During the last few days of term we will have Choice Days; and the last day of term, with the end-of-term show of course, will be on 18 Dec. Many of us will be hoping for a white Christmas, where we can take it easy; whilst others will be hoping for lots of Christmas presents - some hard & some soft.

Nils Rutqvist

From the Principal

September 2014 Newsletter

Dear parents and guardians,

The autumn term is in full swing with lessons, school work and various projects taking place. Getting started working here has been exciting and there is a lot to do all the time. The students have been both pleasant and polite, something which makes me proud to work here.  I haven’t had as much time as I’d liked to be out and about in the corridors , but I hope to be able to visit classes and lessons as the year progresses.

So far this term, we’ve had our annual autumn sports day, now called “Engelska (Skolan) Milen” which was a success for all - both for students in all years who produced outstanding running times, and for the students who enjoyed a long and social 10 km walk in the late summer warmth. Thanks to all staff and students! I would also like to thank the Social Studies department and student volunteers who organised another successful event: our school election, which proved that students are actually interested in politics even though we adults might not think they are.

Our lunch room staff, who were looking forward to a visit from members of the national cooking team this week, had to  inform us that the visit would have to be postponed until later this year. We look forward to it!

A few weeks ago we had our first parents evening  which proved that the students and staff are not the only ones committed to the school. The PTA reported that a record number of parents had joined them and many of you supported the 9th graders trip to Poland by buying coffee and a sandwich. Those of you who haven’t yet joined the PTA are welcome to contact the committee at any time. I would also like to thank the many parents who gave toiletry gifts, for the people of Iraq, a suggestion that came through Miss Jassim. Thanks to her and to all who contributed.

PTS conferences take place on 15-16th October.

I wish you all a pleasant autumn, you are welcome to contact us at any time.

Nils Rutqvist

From the Principal

August 2014 Newsletter


After a few years as an Assistant Principal in Örebro, I am back in Järfälla, this time as the Principal. It will be exciting and I look forward to work with the staff, with parents, but especially to see the students and their development during the coming academic year. IES Järfälla is a well functioning school and my goal is to continue its operations in the same direction but also to find new areas of development.

Right now we are preparing for the coming year, we have some new recruits in the staff that we introduce in our school and we look forward having them in our staff group. We also get four brand new classes with sixes that we want to get a good school start and go to a school that really makes a difference to them.

I would like to greet everyone a warm welcome to the school, both new and old students. I look forward to an exciting year with many fun activities that will stimulate learning.

  • Students in Year 6 starting 18th of August at 9 am with a gathering in the cafeteria.
  • ​ Year 7-9 students begins at 9:30 am, gathering in the cafeteria as well.

Yours Sincerely,

Nils Rutqvist
Internationella Engelska Skolan Järfälla

From the Principal

Maj 2014 Nyhetsbrev

Maj 2014 Nyhetsbrev

Presentation and judging at The Science FairTrädens alla vårblommor bjuder på en strålande utställning och skogens golv är täckt med blå och vita sippor. Våren är äntligen här och med den naturens bländande färger som lyser upp våra liv i maj. Hurra!

Det har verkligen varit en blomstrande tid här på Internationella Engelska Skolan Järfälla. Elever från åk 6 till 9 skriver totalt 21 nationella prov. Detta inkluderar inte de praktiska proven i NO (Science) eller de muntliga proven i svenska, engelska och matematik. Lärarna arbetar övertid med att rätta de 20,000 svarssidorna från eleverna som har skrivit proven. Oavsett det slutliga resultatet har alla involverade gjort en storslagen insats. Som belöning till eleverna i åk 9 kommer skolan bjuda dem på banana split den sista provdagen.

Science Fair Finalisterna
Gratulationer till vinnarna:
*Charbel, Emilia, Hanna  - BRAIN ILLUSIONS
*Ester & Emilia ?" LIE DETECTOR TEST
*Simon & Gustav ?" DISAPPEARING AIR
*Noel & Oliver ?" PLANT RACE
*Jonathan & Erik ?" EYESIGHT
*Elise & Christine ?" THE PLACEBO EFFECT

Ytterligare projekt, läxor och prov i alla ämnen kommer att avsluta skolåret och olika evenemang är dessutom inplanerade för att komplettera de utomordentliga studierna:

  • Polenresan: Niondeklassarna kommer att besöka Auschwitz och staden Kraków.
  • Ålandsresan: Sjundeklassarna kommer att delta i många aktiviteter under ett 3-dagars besök på Åland.
  • Sports Day/Friluftsdag: Alla elever kommer att delta i teambuilding och friidrott utomhus.
  • Choice/Elevens val: Utforskande aktiviteter för åk 6-8.
  • School Prom/Skolbal: Formell middag och dans för åk 9 elever och personal.
  • Skolavslutningsaktiviteter med klassen: Skansen, Djurgården, Drottningholm, Kallhällsbadet.
  • Graduation: Avslutningsceremoni som hålls utomhus på kvällen för att fira åk 9 eleverna.
  • Skolavslutning: Samling, prisutdelning och underhållning onsdagen den 11 juni.

Jag hoppas att ni har haft en chans att se den nya musiksalen.  Renovering av speciallärarrummet har avslutats. Två hela korridorer har målats om och nya bord och stolar har installerats i kafeterian. Kommunen kommer att påbörja arbetet med multi-arenan på basketplanen snart och vi hoppas att löftet om konstgräs på grusfotbollsplanen kommer att förverkligas inom kort.

Vi ber er föräldrar att gå in på SchoolSoft för att få ytterligare information samt se resultaten på era barns skolarbeten.

Njut av färgernas och solskenets återkomst till Sverige!

Sommaren närmar sig snabbt,
Mike Saphir
From the Principal

May 2014 Newsletter

May 2014 Newsletter

At the Science FairThe brilliance of spring blossoms in the trees is on display and the forest floor is carpeted with blue and white liverleaves (sippor). Springtime has arrived at last and along with it nature's dazzling color that brightens our lives in May. Hooray!

This has certainly been a time of blooming here at Internationella Engelska Skolan Järfälla. Students from the 6th and 9th grades write a total of 21 national tests.  This does not include the practical exams in Science or the oral tests in Swedish, English and Math. Teachers are working overtime checking the 20,000 pages of answers from students who took the tests. Regardless of the final results, a magnificent effort was made by all involved. As a reward to grade 9 students, the school will congratulate them with banana splits on the final day of exams.

Science Fair Finals
Congratulations to the winners:
*Charbel, Emilia, Hanna  - BRAIN ILLUSIONS
*Ester & Emilia ?" LIE DETECTOR TEST
*Simon & Gustav ?" DISAPPEARING AIR
*Noel & Oliver ?" PLANT RACE
*Jonathan & Erik ?" EYESIGHT
*Elise & Christine ?" THE PLACEBO EFFECT

Additional projects, homework and tests are concluding the school year in all subjects and various events are underway to complement the excellent academics:

  • Trip to Poland: 9th graders will visit Auschwitz and the city of Krakow.
  • Trip to Åland: 7th graders will participate in many activities on a 3-day Åland visit.
  • Sports Day: All students will participate in teambuilding and athletics outdoors.
  • Choice Days: An exploratory curriculum for grades 6-8.
  • School Prom: The formal dinner dance for 9th graders and Staff.
  • End of term activities with the class: Skansen, Djurgården, Drottningholm, Kallhällsbad?
  • 9th grade Graduation: A ceremony celebrating the 9th graders held outdoors in the evening.
  • Spring term ends: Assemblies, awards and entertainment Wednesday June 11th.

I hope you had a chance to see the new Music Room. A renovation of the Special Education rooms is complete. Two entire corridors have been repainted and new tables and stools have been installed in the café area. The kommun will begin work on the multi-arena on the basketball court soon and we hope the promise of artificial grass on the gravel football pitch will soon be a reality.

Parents, please review SchoolSoft for additional information and results from your child's schoolwork.

Enjoy the return of color and sunshine to Sweden!

Summertime is rapidly approaching,
Mike Saphir
From the Principal

December 2013 Newsletter

December 2013 Newsletter

Gamla Stan's Christmas MarketEnjoy the seemingly endless autumn season while it lasts. The snow, when it arrives, will brighten the surroundings. In the meantime, may the seasonal candles and holiday lights shine on.

At the Internationella Engelska Skolan Järfälla the fall term is nearing its end. Students have achieved truly remarkable progress. The grade 6 classes have had a tremendously successful term. And the 9th graders have displayed excellence in the battery of projects, tests and presentations which the teachers have set. Well done! Term reports will be published soon on SchoolSoft and will give cause for great pride of achievement from students, parents and the teaching staff.

One of the term's highlights will be happening December 18th: The Poland Aid Gala. This evening of fundraising activities is a source of sponsorship for the 9th graders' school trip where they will visit Auschwitz and Krakow. Many activities, displays and booths will be active in the Café/Entré. Current and former 9th graders will speak about the bittersweet adventure. The main event is certainly The Show later in the evening. Students will perform onstage as well as a professional musician. Emceed by 9th graders Elias and Diana, The Show, and the entire Gala, will be a spectacular event. Enormous appreciation to the parents, students and staff who have contributed to its success.

Students are enriched by participating in activities featuring both academic and social development. In the weeks since the November break, several events have taken place:

  • Flamenco Dance Project
  • Newspaper Club visit to Utbildnings Radio
  • 9th graders on PRAO (Work experience education program)
  • English Theme Day ?" Guy Fawkes; featuring Drama Club performance
  • 6th grade Morning Madness
  • 7th grade visit to Stockholm synagogue
  • Anti-bullying posters 2013-2014 go up around the school
  • Visit from Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet
  • Swedish 2 students visit Skansen Aquarium
  • 7th grade visits Gamla Stan's Christmas Market
  • Ms. Betyo's "Master Chef" with 8th grade students
  • Emerich Roth visits and addresses the 9th graders
  • "Teknik för tjejer" science and technology program for girls
  • Lucia Celebration
  • Swedish Theme Day focus on Astrid Lindgren
  • Staff-Student basketball game
  • Choice ?" 20 activities for school's exploratory curriculum

The school received glorious news: the municipality will build a multi-sport arena on our football field. The project will build a sport facility with artificial grass and will cost around 2.5 million crowns. Hooray! Thank you, Järfälla Kommun!

Last day of Autumn term: Thursday December 19th.

First day of Spring term: Wednesday January 8th , according to class schedules.

Rain or shine, snow or cold, fresh air or indoors, enjoy the vacation!

The entire staff at Internationella Engelska Skolan Järfälla wishes every family a delightful Winter Holiday.

Best wishes!
Mike Saphir
From the Principal

October 2013 Newsletter

October 2013 Newsletter

Awesome AutumnIt's a beautiful time in Stockholm right now. The spectacular colors of the seasonal change on a canvas of blue sky and warm air are a delightful experience. Students at Internationella Engelska Skolan Järfälla are also displaying their colors by producing excellent work and achieving outstanding progress and results. It is a busy time in the school world with midterm reports fast approaching and Parent-Teacher-Student conferences a few days away.

In addition to schoolwork, several activities have already taken place this term:

  • Höstlunken-10k run/walk in Järvafältet; Congratulations to winner Gustav Swedenborg
  • PTA Kick-off-Fun activities featuring mixed class teams; Congratulations to winners Team Gamma!
  • IESJ Nutidsorientering-DN cancelled last minute but the SO Department created our own.
  • Höst Hike-36 boys and 11 teachers enjoyed a 24-hour adventure in the forest.
  • Museum visits, Morning Madness, Australia theme, Theatre performance.

Many extra-curricular activities are available this year featuring new clubs:

  • Girls Club
  • Guys Club
  • Art Club
  • Drama Club
  • Textile Club
  • School Newspaper Club

Upcoming activities around school include: United Nations Day, focusing on Sustainable Development; Rubik's Cube competition; Pumpkin carving contest; Halloween Disco; Flamenco Dance Project; 9th grade ballroom dancing; 8th grade to Folkoperan.

Parents, we look forward to meeting you on October 24, 25 for the PTS conferences. Discussions will focus on your child's progress towards the academic goals as well as individual school performance and social development. Please carefully review the midterm reports available October 18 on SchoolSoft together with your child. Teachers and mentors welcome feedback and your reflections regarding your child's progress is very valuable for our continued work to meet their individual needs.

We hope to meet many parents at the PTA International Buffet on October 16th at 18:30.

Please click to the other links on this website for SchoolSoft, the Lunch menu, School year calendar, Class schedules, Staff e-mails and Leave-of-absence requests. 

Breakfast: Served at school Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays; 10 kr; 7:45-8:45.

On behalf of Mr. Elder and the entire staff at Internationella Engelska Skolan Järfälla, I wish students and families a glorious autumn. Enjoy the colorful splendor and the fresh fall air.

Mike Saphir
Internationella Engelska Skolan Järfälla